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Seminaarit ja konferenssit: Seminar on Disability and Global Justice

Tapahtumaluokka:Seminaarit ja konferenssit
Aika:pe 4.9.2015 klo 10.00-15.30
Paikka:Metsätalo sali 4 (Unioninkatu 40)
Järjestäjä:Valtiotieteellinen tiedekunta
Lisätietojen antaja:simo.vehmas@helsinki.fi

The objective of the seminar is to discuss the realization of justice and human rights for people with disabilities in a global context. During the past ten years or so, extending justice to people with disabilities and to all world citizens has caught the interest of scholars working on social justice. Applicability of theories of justice to global issues is important, because we live in a world national economies are entwined, business corporations operate internationally, cultural differences shrink or assume new forms, local ideologies claim universal recognition, and people are increasingly aware of their responsibility for others. This is the context in which responses to disability can justifiably be seen as a test of adequacy for theories of justice.


10:00-10:15 Opening words by Professor Simo Vehmas

10:15-11:15 Dr. Tom Shakespeare:
Can we have development without disadvantage? - Living
conditions of disabled people in developing countries

11:15-12:15 Prof. Sirkku Hellsten:
Disability in the Global South –minority rights issue?

12:15-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:15 Prof. Matti Häyry:
Disability as a test of justice in a globalising world

14:15-14:45 Nathaly Guzman:
Realizing self-determination rights of people with disabilities through development practice – a case study on the water and sanitation sector in Tanzania

14:45-15:15 Hermann Aubie:
Enabling the disabled in China, the growing role of grassroots disability rights advocates

15:15-15:30 Closing words by Dr. Hisayo Katsui

Speakers’ Introduction:

•Dr. Tom Shakespeare is a leading scholar in disability studies. He is the author of numerous books and articles including Disability Rights and Wrongs Revisited (Routledge 2014) and Disability Research Today: International Perspectives (Routledge 2015). He is also an author of the World Report on Disability (2011) that was published by the WHO and the World Bank. The globally influential World Report shed light on inequalities in a global scale and brought attention to the global justice as a central theme of the disability and human rights discourse.

Matti Häyry is Professor of Philosophy of Management at Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki, Finland. During 2004-2013, he was Professor of Bioethics and Philosophy of Law at the University of Manchester in England. He was also the President of the International Association of Bioethics (IAB) during 2007-2009. He is currently studying the nature of bioethics; the ethical issues of synthetic biology; and justice and its alternatives in a globalizing world.

• Professor Sirkku Hellsten is based at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Her research interests include human rights, justice, African philosophy and political theory. She is also the editor of Journal of Global Ethics.

Simo Vehmas is Professor of Disability Studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and the President of the Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR).

Hisayo Katsui is Docent in Disability Studies at the University of Helsinki, and Research and Development Manager at the Abilis Foundation.

• Hermann Aubié is a PhD candidate at the University of Turku. His research is on grassroots disability rights NGOs and human rights defenders in China.

• Nathaly Guzman has finalized her Master’s thesis at Aalto University. Her current research is on water and sanitation and disability in Tanzania.

The seminar is free and open to all. Welcome!

Please enroll through e-form:

In connection with the seminar in the lobby of Metsätalo there is a piece of visual art called the Merry-Go-Round - "Welcome to the Global Tour of Disability Rights". The carousel will be open between 9am. and 4.30 pm.

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